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Programme 2014

Effective Data Management and Analytics to Drive Successful Projects

8.30 - 9.00 Registration and breakfast

9.00-9.05 Welcome and opening remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editor, Computing

9.05 - 9.10 Interactive Big Data vote - have your say!

9.10 - 9.25 Computing research: a review of Big Data trends

  • Factors differentiating advanced users of Big Data technology from the less advanced
  • The balance between IT and business-driven Big Data initiatives
  • Organisational attributes required to successfully exploit the Bid Data opportunities
  • Assessment of the Big Data skills gap
Graeme Burton, Chief Reporter, Computing

9.25- 9.30 Interactive Big Data vote - have your say!

9.30 - 10.15 Big Data: What's your strategy? Real world approaches to managing Big Data

  • What type of data do you have and what is the best system to store and process it in?
  • Do all data projects need Big Data technology?
  • What skills do you need to successfully operate a Big Data infrastructure?
  • Merging and cross analysing structured and unstructured data
  • Making the case for Big Data investment
Moderator: Graeme Burton, Chief Reporter, Computing
Trevor Attridge, CIO, MEC
Kevin Gallagher, CIO, Channel 4
James Robbins, CIO, Northumbrian Water
Alun Jones, Head of IT, EMEA, Konecranes

10.15 - 10.35 Keynote: Big Data for risk analytics

  • What does Big Data mean in the insurance industry?
  • How does Big Data relate to the world of Risk Analytics?
  • Hear how one of the world's largest insurance intermediaries uses analytics to advise its customers about risk
Nigel Davis, Head of Platforms & Delivery, Willis

10.35 - 10.40 Interactive Big Data vote - have your say!

10.40-11.05 Morning break and visit to exhibition area

11.05 - 11.25 Making Big Data small: Overcoming the hurdles to Big Data

  • Why does Big Data have to mean big project, big capital outlay and big risk?
  • How can you remove the barriers and implement Big Data quicker, cheaper and better?
  • What is the best strategy to maximise long term return on Big Data investment
Pat Pruchnickyj, Director, Product Marketing, Talend

11.25 - 11.45 Spoilt for choice: selecting the right Big Data analytics platform

  • How to choose an analytics solution that fits your business objectives
  • What are the alternatives for Hadoop?
  • The pros and cons of using open source tools
Dan Wood, Director, Big Data Solution Marketing, HP

11.45 - 12.05 Big Data storage architecture: how can you tackle the storage challenges?

  • What are the key requirements of Big Data storage?
  • How can you handle very large amounts of data and keep scaling to keep up with growth?
  • Getting your data in and out of the cloud - what is the most effective and secure way to do it?
  • How can you overcome Big Data security challenges in cloud environments?
Robert Bath, Vice President of Engineering, Europe, Digital Realty

12.05 - 12.25 Keeping your data lake pure and secure

  • Apache Hadoop once denoted just MapReduce and the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). But what other components does it include now?
  • How can you better understand and securely deploy software technologies that underpin the analysis of Big Data?
  • Learn about architecture of Apache Hadoop - from data ingest, data processing, data querying and reporting to data security and protection
Richard Pilling, EMEA Chief Architect, Big Data, Intel

12.25 - 12.45 Telco fraud detection - a predictive approach. A vision of prescriptive analytics

  • Learn how Big Data Predictive analytics can drive business decisions
  • Learn how Predictive can be embedded in business processes, becoming prescriptive
  • Discover the benefit of introducing predictive, SNA, anomaly detection in fraud detection process
  • Discover what a Fraud Detection APP looks like
Alan Harton, VP International, i4C Analytics

12.45 - 12.50 Interactive Big Data vote - have your say!

12.50-13.45 Lunch break and visit to the exhibition area

13.45 - 14.05 The perpetually connected consumer: a review of Big Data trends in marketing and advertising

  • Real time marketing - beyond the living room
  • Privacy - trade-off between relevance and anonymity
  • Perpetually connected consumer - what the future holds
Trevor Attridge, CIO, MEC

14.05 - 14.50 Managing Big Data privacy and ethics concerns

  • Is it possible to ensure private data stays private as it moves through different stages of input, analysis and output?
  • Has Big Data technology rendered privacy obsolete and transformed it into an operational decision?
  • Big Data ethics: do the benefits outweigh the risks?
  • What do organisations need to consider to protect their constituents, and themselves, from the impact of Big Data?
Moderator: Peter Gothard, Reporter, Computing
Martyn Croft, CIO, The Salvation Army
Robert Bond, Head of Data Protection & Information Security, Speechly Bircham
Barry Coatesworth, Information Security Officer, New Look
Darren Myles, Information Governance Manager, Bupa

14.50 - 15.10 Afternoon break and visit to exhibition area

15.10 - 15.30 Operational Big Data - using Big Data to deliver weather forecasts

Charles Ewen, CIO, The Met Office

15.30 - 15.50 Keynote: Insights from Big Data - interaction, design and innovation

  • How to turn large quantities of data into actionable insights that make a difference for users in consumer applications?
  • An overview of some ways in which Big Data can be used in industry, with a particular focus on human-cantered approaches to innovation
Alex Jaimes, Director of Research, Yahoo!

15.50 - 16.35 Mapping the Future of Big Data: what is the future role of data in the enterprise?

  • How to future-proof your infrastructure for Bigger Data?
  • Will Big Data eventually change how businesses interact with their environment?
  • Will Big Data accelerate the evolution from static to dynamic decision making?
Moderator: Stuart Sumner, Editor, Computing
Alex Jaimes, Director of Research, Yahoo!
Rashpal Kullar, Head of ICT Architecture Strategy & Compliance, The Hyde Group
James Robbins, CIO, Northumbrian Water
Lauren Sager Weinstein, Head of Analytics, Customer Experience, Transport for London
Davide Cervellin, Head of EU MD Analytics, eBay

16.35 -16.40 Closing remarks

16.40 Drinks Reception

Please note: This programme is subject to change



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