The conference provided me with a good commercial insight in to Big Data with real life examples by the presenters, rather than a deep technical analytics and theories

I thought the conference offered a broad overview of the functionality of Big Data.

A very useful event - opportunity to learn from others experience and to network.

The conference integrated a wide ranging and diverse set of experiences and topics to generate a very timely debate on a highly topical and exciting business issue.

Well organised, structured and focussed event aimed at trying to both understand and address an emerging trend and associated technologies and solutions.

Provided a lot to think about and a good range or opinions
Good start; mixed throughout the day
efficient, informative, relaxed and worthwhile.

Very good event for positioning big data and briefing managers like myself.

Excellent and informative conference with some great speakers and insightful thinking.

It was very interesting to hear about an important topic from an IT perspective more than a marketing perspective.

A (quite unbelievably) free conference about big data with even bigger ideas and massive potential to take back to my organisation
Good variety of presentations.

Excellent mix of short presentations and round table discussions giving a great overview of Big Data and why it matters
Useful introduction to the subject.

Good overview of the subject, the conference seemed to be more from a business perspective rather than technical and I would have liked to have seen more discussion about Hadoop.

I found the conference very forward thinking and helpful, with various issues and also how data is changing. Very informative insight to the private sector revelations which should be taken on board within the public sector. How we can use the data and also not get misguided and hold non-necessary data.

Informative, good representation of various sections: public, academia, industry.

A very insightful day, with lots of new ideas and concepts that I could take away with me.

A well-organised event with a good range of speakers, all of whom provided important and timely insights into big data phenomena

Excellent day overall, presentations at times felt a little rushed

Informative from start to finish, well worth the 3.30am start!

A valuable day.

The 3 I's Informative, Insightful and in-depth on the 3 V's Volume, Velocity, Variety.

Enlightening insights and discussions on an emergent subject matter

A great introduction to Big Data, key concepts introduced giving a good starting point for people new to the subject.

Very good conference programme with excellent insight into a very interesting topic; the speakers were very knowledgeable and provided some great real-world examples of big data in use.

Very informative, however data quality is very important to get the best out of these themes.

The conference was very informative and had excellent speakers that gave different perspectives of using data within their organisations.

Thought provoking seminar which gave me a better understanding of "Big Data" - it turns out it is not applicable to my organisation yet.

Comprehensive range of subjects with well controlled and thoughtful supplier presentations included.

A useful insight into the wider thinking relating to Big Data.

Nice to see Big Data Making a Big hit in Europe.                             

I enjoyed the variety of the speakers, and the comprehensive nature of the event.


Very worthwhile day: informative and exceptionally well run

I found the summit extremely informative with superb speakers who had great insight and knowledge of Big Data processes.

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