Data Centre & Infrastructure Summit

Seamless integration between cloud and on-premise

An efficient and agile data centre is central to your organization's ability to meet and expand capabilities of your organisation. A good data centre can enable you to do more with less, both in terms of time and resources required to optimise IT service delivery.

In recent years technologies such as cloud and virtualisation have transformed datacentre operations, and it is positioned to evolve even more dramatically as access to large-scale computing power becomes easier and cheaper to access. While such technologies certainly make it easier to improve density and efficiency of the data centre, a new challenge will take up a lot of IT leader's time - selecting the right technology and aligning it with the business strategy.

  • How to go about customising, securing and combining cloud environments in an innovative way?
  • Are the days of on-premise data centre over? Make sure your infrastructure and skills are up to date
  • How can you reduce complexity inherent in legacy systems and future proof your data centre?
  • How can you exploit the potential of Software Defined?
  • Will the role of data centre and the IT leader responsible for it change and how?
  • Steps to successful outsourcing strategies
  • What new trends and technologies will revolutionise data centre and how can you prepare for the challenge now?

Join us for a one day FREE* event to network with your peers, meet leading industry vendors and discover the newest and most innovative data centre solutions.


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